An experienced loan consultant in Todd Gerleman

Todd GerlemanIf experience and knowledge is what the client seeks in his or her loan originator, 12-year industry veteran Todd Gerleman is a perfect fit for those with needs across Minnesota and Iowa. After more than a dozen years of work in the field, Gerleman serves as a Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator with direct service originating and closing loans in these two states for American Mortgage & Equity Consultants, Inc., based in Blaine, Minnesota.

This position, started in October 2017, follows similar roles with other firms across his lengthy career. Todd Gerleman began in the industry nearly 13 years ago, in 2006, with Brookfield Home Loans in Edina, Minnesota where he worked with loans across the Midwest. He moved to Landmarq Lending in March 2008 in the same type of role, remaining there until March 2009 when he began a first tenure with American Mortgage. At that time, he served clients in the Midwest from the company’s Andover, Minnesota office. In September 2010, Gerleman began with River City Mortgage for a brief four months before an opportunity with PrimeLending allowed him to move into the position of Senior Loan Originator. He remained with the company through early 2013 when he left the mortgage industry and began his own marketing business. But the tug of the industry pulled him back in by late 2016 when he joined Team USA Mortgage as a Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator. He stayed with this firm through his recently accepted role with his former firm, American Mortgage.

Todd Gerleman and the Mortgage Industry

Todd GerlemanTodd Gerleman’s greatest talent could very well lie in his flexibility. He is capable of being agile enough to deal with regulatory changes in the mortgage industry, as well as his aptitude in finding the perfect mortgage solution for any client and any situation. That is what has made Todd into one of the best mortgage loan originators in the business. Todd Gerleman currently can be found working at the Edina, Minnesota branch of Finance Of America, where he is uniquely capable of taking advantage of in-house underwriting and processing in a way that can get his clients the best mortgage deals without the need to criss-cross the country looking for the best one.

One reason Todd Gerleman entered the mortgage industry in the first place was because there was a strong need for experienced professionals capable of assisting clients in the navigation of the system and he fit the bill. Todd understands the mortgage market better than most and he is keen on making sure his clients get the best client service possible. It’s not a great deal if the client doesn’t appreciate the experience and perhaps learn something in the process.

Thus far, Todd Gerleman has been in the mortgage industry for well over a decade, and it is likely he has seen nearly everything in that time. Certainly, he has seen most of the industry’s ups and downs, which is why he knows, the only constant in the mortgage industry is change. Hence his desire to always maintain maximum flexibility. Regulations are always being tweaked and adjusted, so it is always necessary to adapt to the changes, in order to meet whichever challenges come along.